March 2, 2022

How To Maintain Employee Commitment and Loyalty
By Jayne Warwicker

Employees who are no longer happy, committed and loyal to the company will perform poorly and be less productive. They will either leave the company or stay, impacting the workforce and business in a negative way, either way, it’s bad news for your business. Although it will be natural for some to go for various reasons, in most cases, keeping your team present and fully engaged will be an ongoing priority.

All relationships require loyalty and commitment to last and remain positive. All people share typical desires and needs that, if left unmet, will cause them to either leave or lose their motivation and become unproductive. A significant factor in any successful company is trust and commitment between its staff team.

Build trust and commitment

People don’t just quit their jobs; they quit their bosses. Your employees and team want someone who they can trust and know will be on their side.

Building trust involves creating a safe environment. What that means for employers and managers is letting people talk and ask questions knowing that their ideas won’t be dismissed or laughed at but taken seriously and considered.

Building trust is not about agreeing with your staff, being a soft touch or not tackling challenging conversations. Building trust is all about being open and honest by using effective and constructive feedback and language when doing this. This in turn will allow your staff to do the same when communicating with you.

Team dynamics

We all have different personalities, motivations, communication styles, strengths and development areas. These differences should be explored and welcomed and used to the advantage of the team. Get the team dynamics right and it will lift well-being in the workplace as the environment will be positive, team members will support each other and share their skills and everyone will feel that they know their place in the team and the wider company.

However busy you are….have fun!!!

Lack of fun in any relationship can be terminal to that partnership. Imagine what would happen if employees never had fun at work? Put in place staff fun days or something daily dedicated to having fun. This will increase your team’s happiness and loyalty. You don’t need a bouncy castle or a ton of alcohol. Just ensure you do something once in a while that prioritises your team’s happiness over the company’s profits.

Develop one and all

Companies should seek ways to help their employees to feel a sense of completion and growth.  If you have someone passionate about what they do, provide opportunities for them to grow — or risk them leaving to find these opportunities elsewhere. Ignore people’s human needs at your peril.

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the development of the staff with the need for ‘certainty’, they may not want to climb the corporate ladder but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to feel challenged and stretched to stop boredom and complacency.

To survive and thrive today and in the future, companies will increasingly need to begin treating all their employees as partners in the business, building trust and commitment as a priority. Any time and effort spent on this objective will benefit you tenfold and make you stand out from the crowd in staff development and well-being

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